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Administrative Handbook
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I: History of the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Table of Contents
1: Overview
II: Department of Catholic Schools
Table of Contents
1: Overview Expand
1.1: Teaching Role of the Archbishop and Archdiocese
1.2: Mission Statement of the Department of Catholic Schools
1.3: Services Provided by the Department of Catholic Schools
1.4: Goals of the Department of Catholic Schools
1.5: General Responsibilities for All Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese
1.6: Marketing and Public Relations Responsibilities
1.7: Relationship to Government Funded Programs
2: Elementary Schools Expand
2.1: Responsibilities of Department of Catholic Schools for Parish Elementary Schools
2.2: Department of Catholic Schools, Elementary Schools—Senior Positions and Responsibilities
2.3: Elementary School Advisory Committee (ESAC)
3: Secondary Schools Expand
3.1: Responsibilities of the Department of Catholic Schools for Archdiocesan and Parish Secondary Schools
3.2: Secondary School Marketing, Public Relations and Development
3.3: Department of Catholic Schools, Secondary Schools Senior Positions and Responsibilities
3.4: The Secondary Principals’ Advisory Council (SPAC)
III: School Governance and Administration
Table of Contents
1: General Expand
1.1: The Relationship of the Department of Catholic Schools to Religious Institutes and Private Schools
1.2: Private Catholic Schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese
1.3: Accreditation of Secondary Schools
1.4: Implementation of USCCB Charter for Protection of Children and Young People
1.5: School Reorganization, Substantive Change and School Closure
1.6: Communication with the Media
1.7: Access to Federal and State Programs
2: Administrative Structure of Elementary Schools Expand
2.1: The Pastor
2.2: The Elementary Principal
2.3: The Elementary Vice Principal
2.4: Consultative School Councils
2.5: Parent Organizations
3: Relationship of Department of Catholic Schools to Secondary Schools Expand
3.1: Administration and Philosophy of Secondary Schools in the Archdiocese
3.2: Goals and Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
3.3: Administrative Structure of Archdiocesan and Parish Secondary Schools
3.4: Evaluative Council
3.5: Secondary Schools Advisory Boards/committees
IV: Catholic Identity and Religious Instruction
Table of Contents
1: Introduction Expand
1.1: Catholic School Communities - Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
1.2: Synod Initiatives and Other Context
1.3: Schools As Communities Of Evangelization And Catechesis
1.4: Forms of Evangelization
1.5: Catechetical Instruction (Message)
1.6: Liturgical Celebrations (Worship)
1.7: Foundational Liturgical Documents
1.8: Campus Ministry (Community)
1.9: Christian Service (Community, Service)
1.10: Retreat Program (Message, Worship, Community)
1.11: Act Of Consecration And Entrustment
2: Religious Formation Of High School Faculty Expand
2.1: Faculty Responsibility For Religious Formation And Instruction
2.2: School’s Responsibility For Faculty Formation And Instruction
3: Ongoing Formation Of High School Religion Teachers Expand
3.4: Process Of Certification
3.1: Religion Teacher’s Responsibility For Religious Instruction
3.2: Hiring Requirements
3.3: Special Considerations
3.5: Process Of Recertification
4: High School Job Description Guidelines Expand
4.1: Campus Minister
4.2: High School Priest Chaplain
4.3: Religion Department Chairperson
4.4: Christian Service Program Moderator
4.5: DCS Religious Education Advisory Committee
5: Religion Curriculum Policy Expand
5.1: Canonical Authority of the Diocesan Bishop
5.2: Program Studies
5.3: Textbooks and Content of Instruction
5.4: Credit and Assessment
5.5: Foundational Catechetical Documents
6: Human Sexuality Guidelines Expand
6.1: Human Sexuality Formation
6.2: Chastity
6.3: Same Sex Attraction
6.4: Pornography
6.5: Foundational Documents On Human Sexuality
7: Fidelity To Church Teaching Expand
7.1: School Personnel As Role Models And Witnesses To Faith
7.2: Assemblies And Guest Speakers
7.3: Student Publications
7.4: Controversial Issues
7.5: Sunday Activities
8: Archdiocesan Christian Service Awards Expand
8.1: Value Of Recognizing Christian Service
8.2: Criteria For Christian Service Awards
8.3: Nominations Of Teachers For Christian Service Recognition
V: Personnel
Table of Contents
1: General Employment Policies Expand
1.1: Scope of Chapter
1.2: Applicable Terms
1.3: Core Values
1.4: Equal Employment Opportunity
1.5: Zero Tolerance
1.6: Bonding
1.7: Breastfeeding
1.8: Conflict of Interest
1.9: Copyright
1.10: Employment of Relatives
1.11: Electronic Communications/Acceptable Use
1.12: Fair Treatment/Grievance Process
1.13: Injury on the Job
1.14: News Media Contacts
1.15: No Smoking
1.16: Non-solicitation and Distribution
1.17: Personal Appearance
1.18: Personal Telephone Calls
1.19: Personal Visitors
1.20: Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
1.21: References/Verification of Employment
1.22: Subpoena of Employee or Employee Records
1.23: Substance Abuse
1.24: Work for Hire
2: General Employment Practices Expand
2.1: Job Posting
2.2: Newly Hired Employee Reporting Requirement
2.3: Employment Eligibility Verification Form (i-9)
2.4: Employment of Minors
2.5: Fingerprinting and Background Checks
2.6: Visas
2.7: Volunteers
2.7.a: Volunteers - Frequently Asked Questions
3: Safe Environment Expand
3.1: Reporting Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors to Public Authorities
3.2: Interview of Students by Law Enforcement of Child Protective Agencies
3.3: If an Alleged Perpetrator Is an Employee of the Archdiocese
3.4: Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Minors
3.5: Safe Environment Training
4: Compensation Expand
4.1: Compensation Structure
4.2: Staff Categories
4.3: Categories for Compensation
4.4: Garnishments
4.5: Business Expense Reimbursements
4.6: Pay Advances
4.7: Pay Check Procedures
4.8: Pay Periods and Time Sheets
4.9: Payroll Deductions
4.10: Payroll Records Preservation
4.11: Payroll Records Retention
5: Employee Benefits Expand
5.1: Categories for Benefit Eligibility
5.2: Employee Assistance Programs
5.3: Cobra: Right to Continuation of Insurance
5.4: Credit Union
5.5: Health Care Benefits
5.6: Parking
5.7: Retirement
5.8: Social Security
5.9: Unemployment and Long and Short-term Disability Insurance
5.10: Voluntary Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
5.11: Workers’ Compensation
6: Time off Expand
6.1: Bereavement Leave
6.2: Civic Duties
6.3: Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
6.4: Family and Medical Leave
6.5: Military Family Leave
6.6: Military Service Leave
6.7: Parental Unpaid Time Off to Handle School Matters
6.8: Personal Leave
6.9: Victims of Domestic Violence
6.10: Workers’ Compensation Leave
7: Counseling and Discipline Expand
7.1: Informal Counseling (Verbal)
7.2: Formal Counseling (Written)
7.3: Administrative Leave/Investigative Suspension
7.4: Documentation
7.5: Grievance Procedure
8: Evaluation and Changes in Employment Status Expand
8.1: Evaluation
8.2: Pay Increases
8.3: Promotions
8.4: Transfers
8.5: Termination
8.6: No Longer Interested Notification to DOJ
8.7: Final Paycheck
8.8: Termination of Benefits
8.9: Involuntary Terminations
8.10: Termination of Religious Staff
8.11: Reduction in Workforce
9: Records, Required Posters and Handbooks Expand
9.1: Recruitment, Hiring and Job Placement Records
9.2: Payroll Records
9.3: Employment Eligibility Forms (i-9)
9.4: Child Labor Certificates and Notices
9.5: Employee Personnel Files
9.6: Clergy and Religious Personnel File
9.7: Staff Health/Medical Records
9.8: Grievance, Investigation Records
9.9: Employee Benefits Information
9.10: Personnel File Review
9.11: Required Workplace Posters
9.12: Handbooks
10: General Policies for Schools Expand
10.1: Character Qualifications
10.2: Core Values for Teachers
10.3: Membership in the Community of Faith
10.4: Growth of Faculty
10.5: Recruitment and Hiring of Teachers
10.6: Interview of a Teacher under Contract at Another School
10.7: Faculty Employment Agreement
10.8: Wages, Salaries and Payment for Services
10.9: Payroll Year/Employment Agreement Year
10.10: Time off for School Staff
10.11: Orientation and Training
10.12: New and Beginning Teacher Orientation
10.13: Evaluation
10.14: Reduction of Staff
10.15:  Faculty Handbooks
10.16: School Stationery/Letterhead
10.17: Summer School Employment
10.18: Tuberculosis Examination Requirements
VI: School Financial Management
Table of Contents
1: Overview Expand
1.1: Financial Responsibility of Schools
1.2: Archdiocesan Services and Assistance
2: School Accounting System Expand
2.1: Fiscal Year and Accounting Objectives
2.2: Books of Accounts
2.3: The Monthly Report
2.4: Annual Report
3: School Bank Accounts Expand
3.1: Bank Account Titles and Tax I.D. Numbers
3.2: Bank Account Signatories
3.3: Bank Account Controls
3.4: Bank Statements
4: Payroll Services
5: Federal and State Reporting Expand
5.1: Wage and Employee Tax Forms
5.2: Federal Miscellaneous Income and Transmittal Forms
6: Procedures for Handling Cash and Other Payments Expand
6.1: Cash Transactions
6.2: Principles and Procedures for All Transactions
6.3: Procedures for Controlling Daily Receipts
6.4: Payments Received by Mail
6.5: Petty Cash
7: Tuition and Fees Expand
7.1: Tuition Collection
7.2: Open Tuition Accounts
7.3: Tuition Assistance Policy
7.4: Negotiated Tuition
7.5: Employee Tuition Remission
8: Credit Cards for School Purposes
9: Other Accounts and Fundraising Activities Expand
9.1: Scrip Account
9.2: Bingo Program
9.3: Casino Monte Carlo Nights and Similar Fundraisers
9.4: Raffles
9.5: School Activities and Athletic Events
9.6: School Parent Organization Account
9.7: Parent’s Club/Booster’s Club/Alumni Association Accounts
10: Contracts/agreements Expand
10.1: Authority
10.2: Approvals
11: Investment Pool and Endowment Funds Expand
11.1: The Income Pool
11.2: The Balanced Pool
11.3: Investment Pool Loans
11.4: Catholic Parish Endowment Trust Funds—Autonomous Pious Foundations
12: Tax Exempt Status of Archdiocese, and It's Schools, Parishes and Other Operations Expand
12.1: Exempt Status
12.2: Charitable Contributions
12.3: Release of Federal Tax I.D. Numbers
12.4: Endorsement of Commercial Enterprises
13: Sales and Purchase Transactions Expand
13.1: Resale of Merchandise
13.2: Sales Tax VS. Use Tax
13.3: School Sponsored Sales and Purchases
13.4: Records and Taxes
13.5: School Lunch And/or Milk Programs
14: Internal Controls
15: The Budget Expand
15.1: Development of the Budget
15.2: Implementation and Administration of the Budget
15.3: Use of Funds in Excess of the Budget
15.4: Prepaid Fees
16: Retention of Records
VII: Construction, Facilities Maintenance and Use and Real Estate
Table of Contents
1: Use of School and Parish Facilities Expand
1.1: Guidelines for Use of School and Parish Facilities
1.2: Other Considerations
1.3: Procedure
1.4: Documents
1.5: Examples of Frequently Asked Questions
2: Maintenance, Repair and Construction Expand
2.1: Written Policies
2.2: Responsibilities of the Pastor and/or Principal for Maintenance and Building Projects
2.3: Preventive Maintenance
2.4: Routine Maintenance
2.5: Pro-ration of Routine Maintenance
2.6: Maintenance Contracts and Other Service Providers
2.7: Major Plant Projects
2.8: Small Plant Projects
2.9: Volunteer Construction Work
2.10: Physical Assets
3: Other Uses and Considerations Expand
3.1: Guidelines of Lobbying and Electioneering at Parish and Archdiocesan Facilities
3.2: Bingo, Controlled Games and Raffles
3.3: Naming Archdiocesan Property
3.4: State or Federal Property
3.5: Inspection Reports
3.6: Injury, Illness and Loss Prevention Program
VIII: School Health and Safety
Table of Contents
1: The School Health and Safety Program
2: State Health and Safety Code
3: Student Accident Procedure
4: Emergency Card
5: Emergency Procedures Expand
5.1: Role of the Principal
5.2: Role of the Teacher
6: First Aid Expand
6.1: First Aid Kit
7: Air Pollution Conditions
8: Pesticides
9: Fire Drill Regulations Expand
9.1: Fire Alarm System
10: Earthquake Preparedness and Procedures
11: Security Advisory System, National Security Emergencies and Local Emergency Plans Expand
11.1: Threat Levels
11.2: National Security Emergencies
11.3: Terrorism Working Groups
12: Eye Safety
13: Art Supply Safety
14: Yard Safety
15: Animals on Campus
16: Administrative Health Handbook Expand
16.1: Examinations and Inoculations
16.2: Immunization
16.3: Immunization for First Admission to School
16.4: Health Records
16.5: Medical Appointments
16.6: Medications
16.7: Communicable Diseases
16.8: Allergies
16.9: Student Sexual Conduct and Pregnancy
IX: Property, Casualty and Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Table of Contents
1: Insurance Department
2: Program Overview
3: Lawsuits (Summons and Complaint)
4: Insurance Requirement for Service Providers
5: Automobiles
6: Workers’ Compensation Insurance
7: Student Accident Insurance
X: Electronic Communications Policy & Resource Guide
Table of Contents
1: Preface
2: Overview
3: Frequently Asked Questions Expand
3.1: General Questions
3.2: Parish Issues
3.3: Website Issues
3.4: Social Networking Sites and Electronic Communications
3.5: Funding Support for Electronic Communications
3.6: Video Conferencing
4: Statement of Policies Expand
4.1: Acceptable Use And Responsibility Policy For Electronic Communications [“Archdiocesan AUP”]
4.2: Archdiocese of Los Angeles Copyright and Video Screening Policy
4.3: Archdiocese of Los Angeles Privacy Policy
4.4: Use of Archdiocesan Video Conferencing Facilities Policy
XI: Curriculum and Instruction
Table of Contents
1: Overview
2: Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Schools Expand
2.1: Curricular Instruction in Family Life
2.2: School Calendar
2.3: School Day
2.4: Emergency Closing of School
2.5: Faculty Inservice Days
2.6: Faculty Meetings
2.7: Weekly Time Allotments
2.8: Lesson Planning
2.9: Homework
2.10: Student Assessment
2.11: Grade Integrity and Gradebooks
2.12: Student Academic Reports, Promotion, Acceleration, Retention and Graduation
2.13: Graduation
2.14: Textbook Selection and Replacement
2.15: Controversial Issues
2.16: Safe Environment Criteria
3: Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Schools Expand
3.1: Objectives
3.2: Instructional Program
3.3: Policies
3.4: Graduation Requirements
3.5: Safe Environment Criteria and Outcomes for Secondary Schools
3.6: School Calendar
3.7: Instructional Time
3.8: Class Size
3.9: Testing and Assessment Program
3.10: Tutoring Policy
3.11: Grade Integrity and Grade Books
3.12: Department Handbooks
3.13: Instructional Materials
3.14: Summer School
XII: Co-Curricular Programs Elementary and Secondary School
Table of Contents
1: Overview Expand
1.1: The Role of the Principal
2: Athletics Expand
2.1: Athletic Handbook
2.2: The Role of the Administration
2.3: Role of the Coach
2.4: Athletics for Secondary Schools
2.5: Athletics for Elementary Schools
3: Field Trips and Transportation Expand
3.1: Field Trip Policies
3.2: Transportation
4: Student Government
5: Publication of Student’s Image, Name, Voice And/or Work Expand
5.1: Student Publications
6: Tutoring
7: Counseling Policy
8: Extended School Day Programs
9: Summer Programs
XIII: Students and Families, Elementary and Secondary Schools
Table of Contents
1: Admissions Expand
1.1: Guidelines for Admission to Elementary Schools
1.2: Guidelines for Admission to Secondary Schools
1.3: Procedure for Admission to Secondary Schools
1.4: School Student Non-Discrimination Policy
1.5: Documentation of Nondiscrimination
1.6: Foreign Students/I-20 Forms
1.7: Exchange Programs
2: Attendance Expand
2.2: Absence
2.3: Excused/Unexcused Absences
2.4: Extended Absences
2.5: Movie/Television Contracts
2.6: Leaving School Early
2.7: Tardiness
2.8: Truancy
2.9: Work Permits
3: Privacy and Access to Records Expand
3.1: Pupil Records
3.2: Directory Information
3.3: Verbal/Written Confidences
3.4: Administrative Procedures for Handling Confidential Information
3.5: Cumulative Pupil Record
3.6: Standardized Testing Results
4: Transfer of Records Expand
4.1: Student Transfers, Withdrawals and Graduation
4.2: Withholding of Records
4.3: Transfer of Records at School Consolidation/Closure
4.4: Subpoena of Student Records
5: Welfare of Students Expand
5.1: Closed Campus
5.2: Safe Environment Training for Children and Youth
5.3: “Zero Tolerance Policy”
5.4: Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Minors at Parish or Parish School Activities or Events
5.5: Guidelines for Junior High and High School Youth Working or Volunteering with Children or Youth
6: Testing and Research in Schools Expand
6.1: Policy
6.2: Responsibilities of the Researcher
6.3: Required Information
6.4: Role of the Department of Catholic Schools
6.5: Responsibilities of the School Administrator
6.6: Rights of Parents
7: Law Enforcement Expand
7.1: Persons Allowed to Remove a Student from School
7.2: Interview and Removal from School of Students by Police Officers
7.3: Interview of a Student During School Hours by a Police Officer
7.4: Informing the Parent or Guardian When a Student Has Been Removed from School by a Police Officer
7.5: School Searches
8: Behavior Expand
8.1: Code of Christian Conduct Covering Students and Parents or Guardians
8.2: Disruption by Parents, Guardians or Other Family Members
8.3: Recommended Transfer Resulting from Parental Attitude
8.4: Personal Appearance of Students
8.5: Alcohol, Narcotics, or Other Controlled Substances
9: Discipline Expand
9.1: Maintenance of Effective Discipline
9.2: Disapproved Disciplinary Measures
9.3: Detention
9.4: Suspension
9.5: Expulsion
10: Student Harassment, Bullying and Hazing Policy Expand
10.1: Responsibilities of the School and Students
10.2: Student Threats
11: Parent Relations Expand
11.1: The Parent/Student Handbook
11.2: Student Report Card/Progress Report
11.3: Academic Dismissal or Recommended Transfer
11.4: Parent or Guardian Right of Visitation at School
11.5: Married Students
11.6: Students No Longer Living with Their Parents
11.7: Emancipated or Eighteen Year Old Students
11.8: Consultative School Council and Parent Organizations
11.9: Parent/Student Complaint Review Process
XIV: Inclusion Policies and Procedures, Elementary and Secondary Schools
Table of Contents
1: Introduction Expand
1.1: Inclusion Procedures
1.2: Directions for the Inclusion Process
1.3: Inclusion Forms
XV: Preschool Programs
Table of Contents
1: Description of Preschool Programs
2: Guidelines for Opening a Preschool Expand
2.1: The Preschool Planning Process
2.2: Licensing of Preschool Programs
2.3: Criminal Summary Record for Preschools
3: General Standards for Preschool Expand
3.1: Minimum Requirements for Staff*
3.2: Finance
3.3: Curriculum
3.4: Preschool after School Care Program
Resources: All Handbook Resources
Table of Contents
I: Chapter I Expand
31: Archdiocesan Community Email Services (ACES)
II: Chapter II Expand
1: Consultative School Councils Constitution and Bylaws, Elementary Schools
62: Guidelines for Community Care Licensing Applicants--ADDITIONAL DOC
III: Chapter III Expand
2: Guidelines for School Councils - Secondary
3: Principal Evaluation Addendum Checklist - Secondary
4: Guidelines for Substantive Change in Schools
5: Principal Timeline - Secondary
6: Roster - Secondary
7: Catechism of the Catholic Church
IV: Chapter IV Expand
1: WCEA Catholic Identity Factor
2: WCEA Catholic Identity Factor Rubric
3: WCEA Sample Adaptation
4: WCEA Los Angeles Adaptation Guidelines
5: Religion Teacher Recertification Form
6: Certification Process for High School Religion Teachers
7: School Mass Guidelines and Planning Sheet
8: Suggestions on How to Get Priests Involved
9: Sample School Policy on Christian Service
10: Teacher Nomination Form
11: Student Christian Service Nomination Form
12: Sample Classroom Prayers
V: Chapter V Expand
7: The Injured Worker - Workers Compensation Benefits
8: Employer Report of Occupational Injury or Illness
9: Workers Compensation Claim Form
10: Form I-9
11: Child Labor Laws 2000
12: Record of Criminal History Check with sample
13: Coaches Certification Program - Elementary
14: Child Abuse Acknowledgement Form
15: Reporting Sexual Abuse of Minors to Authorities - Policy & Procedures
16: Guidelines for Adults Interacting With Minors - Acknowledgment
17: Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit
18: Permit to Employ and Work for Minors (Sample)
19: Employment Agreement for Religious - Policy Form
20: Family and Medical Leave - Policy and Forms
21: Leave of Absence Request
22: Faculty (Exempt) Employment Agreement & Supplement — Elementary
23: Faculty (Non-Exempt Full-time) Employment Agreement & Supplement - Elementary
24: Faculty (Non-Exempt Part-Time) Employment Agreement & Supplement - Elementary
25: Principal Employment Agreement – Elementary
26: Faculty Employment Agreement — Secondary
27: Principal Employment Agreement – Secondary
28: Administrator Employment Agreement – Secondary
29: Employment Checklist
30: Using the School Job Bank
31: Reference Check
32: Pre-Employment Interview Question Guidelines
33: California Fact Sheet - Employment Inquiries
34: California Minimum Wage Poster
35: California Minimum Wage Poster (Spanish)
36: California Wage Order 4
37: Professional (Teaching) Staff Application Process
38: Employment Application - Teaching Staff
39: Petition for a Faculty Employment Agreement Extension
40: Teacher Intent Form – Elementary
41: Letter of Intent – Secondary
42: Classified Non-Teaching Staff Application Process
43: Employment Application Non-Teaching Staff
44: Employment Terms for Staff - New
45: Employment Terms for Staff - Continuing
46: Employment Terms for Staff - Preschool - New
47: Employment Terms for Staff - Preschool - Continuing
48: New Employee Checklist
49: New Employee Orientation Checklist
50: Form W-4
51: Beneficiary Designation
52: Position History
53: Emergency Information Sheet
54: Responsibilities of Principals Re Safeguard the Children
55: Responsibilites All Employees Re Safeguard the Children
56: Megan’s Law Update and Requirements
57: Guidelines for Completing “Request for Livescan Service Form”
58: Request for Live Scan Service Directions-School Employees ACC Live Scan
59: Request for Live Scan Service Directions-School Employees Non-Acc Live Scan
60: Request for Live Scan Service Applicant Submission
61: Request for Live Scan Service Applicant Submission DSS
62: Guidelines for Community Care Licensing Applicants
63: Request for Live Scan Service Directions - Principals
64: Confirmation of Prior Conduct Explanation
65: Confirmation of Prior Conduct Form in lieu of Livescan Service
66: Request for VPIN Access
67: VPIN QuickStart
68: Instructions for Retrieving Record Clearances
69: Employee Calendar - Department of Catholic Schools
70: Employee Work Record
71: Employee Work Record Page 2
72: Payroll Sheet: Biweekly Exempt
73: Payroll Sheet: Semi-Monthly Exempt
74: Time Sheet: Bi-Weekly Non Exempt
75: Time Sheet: Semi-Monthly Non Exempt
76: Timesheet Requirements and Guidelines
77: Employee Counseling Checklist
78: Employee Counseling Notice
79: Termination Checklist
80: Exit Interview
81: Employment Resignation/Termination Notice Exit Interview
82: Dept. of Justice No Longer Interested Form
83: Principal's Personnel File Checklist for DCS - Elementary
84: Principals' Personnel File Checklist for Parish - Elementary
85: Teacher’s Personnel File Checklist
86: Classified Non-Teaching Staff Personnel File Checklist
87: Elementary Principal Application Form
88: Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation-Principal Applicants
89: Teacher Professional Growth Record Form A
90: Teacher Professional Growth Record Form B
91: In-Service Summary and Evaluation
92: In-Service Attendance Record
93: Catechetical Ministry-Certificate of Completion
94: Performance Appraisal Checklist
95: Introductory Period Performance Review - DCS
96: Annual Performance Review: Managerial, Professional and Ministerial Positions
97: Annual Performance Review for Support Staff
98: Writing Explanations for Performance Ratings
99: Teacher Observation Report Process
100: Pre-observation Conference Report
101: Teacher Observation Report-Elementary Schools
102: Catholic Identity and Professional Conduct Review
103: Teacher Evaluation Report Process-Elementary Schools
104: Teacher Evaluation Report Form-Elementary Schools
105: Administrative Walk Through Checklist Form A
106: Administrative Walk Through Report Form B
107: Administrative Walk Through Report Form C
108: Teacher Self-Evaluation Forms Explanation
109: Teacher Self-Evaluation Checklist Form A
110: Teacher Self-Evaluation Form B
111: Teacher Self-Evaluation Form C
112: Monthly Conference Forms Explanation
113: Monthly Teacher Conference Checklist Form A
114: Monthly Teacher Evaluation Form B
115: Monthly Conference September Form C
116: Monthly Conference October Form C
117: Monthly Conference November Form C
118: Monthly Conference December Form C
119: Monthly Conference January Form C
120: Monthly Conference February Form C
121: Monthly Conference March Form C
122: Monthly Conference April Form C
123: Monthly Conference May Form C
124: Coaching Employment Agreement - Sample - Secondary
125: Faculty Handbook Agreement - Secondary
126: Dress Code Policies - Secondary
127: Professional Growth Requirement – Secondary
128: Request for Employment of Certificated/Teaching Staff - Secondary
129: Request for Employment of Classified/Non-teaching Staff - Secondary
130: Year-End Teacher Evaluation Sample – Secondary
131: Volunteer Agreement
132: Lay President Employment Agreement -Secondary
139: Employee Work Record 2012-2013
134: Responding to Allegations of Suspected Child Abuse
135: Independent Contractor Agreement
136: Guia Para Adultos Que Se Interrelacionan Con Menores
137: Staff Handbook 2013-14
138: Employee Calendar 2012
139: California Penal Code Sections 11165.7 et seq.
VI: Chapter VI Expand
131: Group Ruling—IRS Tax Exemption
132: Financial Policies and Procedures for Faculty Handbook-Secondary
133: California Resale Certificate
134: Raffle Rules and Regulations (Sample)
135: Autonomous Pious Foundation Charter and Trustee Meeting and Reporting Forms
136: Catholic Parish School Endowment Trust Fund Charter
137: Parish Endowment Trust Fund Charter
138: Archdiocesan Catholic High School Endowment Trust Fund Charter
139: Notice of Trustee Meeting
140: Minutes of Trustees Meeting
141: Sample Resolutions
142: Trust Fund Charter Annual Report Archdiocesan and Parish Schools
VII: Chapter VII Expand
1: Internal User Agreement
2: Outside User Agreement (Parishes)
3: Outside User Agreement (Schools)
4: User Agreement for Film
5: Food Service Agreement
6: Professional Services Contract
7: Carnival/Fiesta Agreement (Sample)
8: Construction Project Checkist
9: Small Construction Contract
10: Helpful Tips for Small Construction Projects (under $20,000)
11: Facilities Self Assessment
12: Summary Checklist of Essential Kitchen Elements
13: Detailed Kitchen Rules
14: Food Service Requirements for School and Parish Kitchens
15: Kitchen Directions Poster
16: Artist Agreement
17: Independent Contractor Agreement
18: Outside User Agreement (Flu Shot Clinic)
VIII: Chapter VIII Expand
154: Student Injury/Incident Report Form - DCS
155: Medication Authorization and Permission Form
156: Diabetic Consent Form
157: Peanut Allergy Letter to Parents (Sample)
158: Earthquake Response Plan for Schools (Sample)
IX: Chapter IX Expand
159: Property and Liability Claim Reporting Instructions
160: Confidential Incident/Accident Report (Non-Automobile)
161: Myers-Stevens Accident Claim Form
162: Automobile Addition/Deletion/Change Notice
163: Proof of Insurance Request Form
164: Accident Report, Auto and Truck
165: DMV Report of Traffic Accident
166: Request for Certificate of Insurance
X: Chapter X Expand
1: Introduction to Resources
2: Spiritual Framework
3: E-Rate Policy Schools
4: Sample - Do Not Contact Notice
5: Sample - Terms of Use for Websites
6: US Copyright Office - Fair Use
7: Media Relations Email
8: Sample- Disclosure Notice
9: Sample - Privacy Policy
10: Sample - Privacy Policies
11: Sample - Disclaimer for Links to Other Websites
12: Parental Release for Child - Non-Commercial
13: Release Form - Adult-Non-Commercial
14: Educator's Guidelines for Use of All Media
15: Parental Permission for Child to View Media
16: Use of Electronic Devices Sample Policy - Schools
17: Use of Electronic Devices Sample Policy—Other Locations
18: Contract for Appropriate Internet Use by Minors
19: Parental Permission for Access to the Internet
20: Sample - Principal Letter to Parents re Social Networking
21: Sample - Parent Letter to Social Networking Site
22: Sample - Principal Letter re Copyright Violation
23: Sample - Reply to Email Message Raising Concerns
24: Guidelines forJunior High and High School Students Interacting With Minors
25: Guidelines for Adults Interacting With Minors
26: CABusiness_ProfessionsCode17510.4
27: CCC Guide Advocacy, Lobbying and Political Action
28: EReferencedesk
29: Vatican_ChurchandInternet
30: Other Resources
32: Vatican_Ethics_Internet
33: Youth on the Internet
34: A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety
35: How to Protect Kids
36: The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA
37: OnGuard Online - Federal Government and Technology Industry
38: Pew Internet and American Life Project
39: Take Charge, California - Internet Safety
40: Vatican - home
41: US Conference of Catholic Bishops
42: California Catholic Conference
43: Archdiocese of Los Angeles
44: Alert Communications
45: ACES On LA Archdiocese Site
46: Archdiocesan Community Email Services (ACES)
47: Location Technology Checklist
48: Autorizacion de los Padres Para el Uso de Imagen del Nino, Nombre, Voz y o Trabajo Para Uso No-Comercial
49: Security Camera Guidelines
49: Guia de Limites Para Jovenes
XI: Chapter XI Expand
167: Safe Environment Criteria-Secondary
168: Honors/AP Placement-Secondary
169: Transcript Release for Recruitment-Secondary
170: Sample-Principal Letter re Copyright Violation
171: A copyrighted ver of this doc is in ECG as Sample-Parent Letter to Social Networking Site
172: A copyrighted ver of this doc is in ECG as Sample-Principal Letter to Parents re Social Networking
173: Writing Across Disciplines Sample-Secondary
XII: Chapter XII Expand
174: Parental Release for Child - Non-Commercial
175: Student and Youth Activity Permission Form
176: Autorización de los Padres Para el Uso de Imagen del Niño, Nombre, Voz, Y/O Trabajo Para Use No-Comercial
177: Formulario de Permiso Para Actividades de Estudiantes y Jovenes
XIII: Chapter XIII Expand
176: Guidelines for Elementary Parent/Student Handbook
177: Guidelines for Secondary Parent/Student Handbook
178: Parent/Student Policies Agreement
179: Parent-Teacher Organization Bylaws-Sample
181: Consultative School Council Constitution and Bylaws, Elementary School (Sample)
182: Removal of Student From School During School Hours
183: Guidelines for Junior High and High School Students Interacting with Minors
184: Authorization for Adult to Act as Custodial Parent
185: Emergency Card
186: Acceptance Letter, Secondary (Sample)
187: Conditional Acceptance Letter, Secondary (Sample)
188: Incomplete Letter, Secondary (Sample)
189: No Acceptance Letter, Secondary (Sample)
190: Disciplinary Probation Agreement, Secondary (Sample)
191: Strict Probation Agreement, Secondary (Sample)
193: Application Checklist for Admissions-Sample
194: Emergency Hall Pass, Secondary (Sample)
195: Financial Aid Alternate No Letter, Secondary (Sample)
196: Financial Aid No Letter, Secondary (Sample)
197: Financial Aid Yes Letter, Secondary (Sample)
198: Graduation Agreement, Secondary (Sample)
199: Parent Resource Form, Secondary (Sample)
200: Request for Transfer/Withdrawal with Clearance Check-off, Secondary (Sample)
201: Student Referral, Secondary (Sample)
XIV: Chapter XIV Expand
202: Support Team Education Plan (STEP) and Minor Adjustment Plan (MAP) Flow Chart
203: STEP Form 1 - Classroom Support Log
204: STEP Form 2 - Referral for STEP
205: STEP Form 2.1 - Stategies Attempted by Teacher Checklist
206: STEP Form 3 - Notice of STEP Meeting
207: STEP Form 3.1 - Meeting Questionnaire - Parent
208: STEP Form 4 - Meeting Questionnaire - Primary
209: STEP Form 4.1 - Meeting Questionnaire - Elementary
210: STEP Form 4.2 - Meeting Questionnaire - Middle School
211: STEP Form 4.3 Meeting Questionnaire - High School
212: STEP Form 5 - STEP Meeting Agenda
213: STEP Form 6 - STEP Plan
214: STEP Form 7 - Plan Progress Log
215: STEP Form 8 - Parent Request for Public School Assessment
216: MAP Form A - Request for Minor Adjustment Plan (MAP)
217: MAP Form A.1 - Authorization to Exchange Information
218: MAP Form B - Notice of MAP Evaluation Meeting
219: MAP Form C - MAP Evaluation Documentation
220: MAP Form D - Minor Adjustment Plan (MAP)
221: MAP Form E - MAP Complaint
222: Procedural Safeguards Disabilities
223: Disabilities Info Parents
XV: Chapter XV Expand
1: Preschool Parent Student Handbook
2: Preschool Parent Student Handbook Guidelines

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